Schedule & Cost

   The course name is a Cambridge English book and is sold separately from the class code.

 You will need to purchase the course  book title  from the University’s Cambridge English 

Book Store buy materials. I do not have a class code- search for the course book. 

   Fee for the class code does not activate until you complete the purchase agreement product or shipment of your book.

A books isbn number Cambridge English books or products must join with a  class code for official course content module  .  A Subscription to a book can not be used on the Cambridge One Language school platform. Only on the Cambridge LMS main or prime platform.

 The Cambridge English book is your key to activation of your class code. You will need the book to engage the required  class code for the official course content or subscribe. A subscription to the book without a class code is no longer considered the Teaching or a Teaching for any purpose. It used to be considered a Teaching before the year of 2008. Engage today.

 The course name is a Cambridge English book and is sold separately from the class code.

  •    4 weeks 1 month   $14.50 
  •    4 weeks 2 months $14.50
  •    4 weeks 3 months $14.50
  •    4 weeks  4 months $14.50 

                 2 Semester 

  • 4 weeks is 5 months $14.50
  • 4 weeks is 6 months $14.50

          Extensions_ $130.00  

  • 4 weeks 
  • 4 weeks 

 It is your resume or for academic purposes you can request to speak to your school administrator for program credit for which that training certificate can be  downloaded,  directly, from the Learning centers classroom  gradebook located on the online  platform. You should also download your gradebook and transcripts for students at schools that recognise or accept Cambridge exams and tests.

 We acquire  your school code in the Cambridge Recognition or acceptance enlistment  of  Cambridge exams or test. We request the school code to move the school code  from a subscription centered or enlisted Cambridge English exams or test the school recognises or accepts  join your school code once registered to the online platform with a class code to alert the school you go to about administering the school you go to or want to go to enlisted administrators Cambridge English exams or test recognition or acceptance  once registered you will be prompted to join a school code before engagement to conduct activation of your Cambridge English book or product. 

Then begin  your course.  engagement in an official Cambridge exam or tests  course book language semester length exams or test for official recognition or acceptance or register for the Exam or Test for the same six sigma exam scale of any Official Cambridge English Exam or test Joining the school code will or can allow your school administrator to  download and  place in the gradebook of the enlisted Cambridge English Exams or Test  official recognition or acceptance. The school you go to or want to go to school administrator can access the  official gradebook and  report card and transcripts  on the Cambridge LMS platform or Cambridge One platform.  

Engage with others,  core capacity for  development you will want to  start a round up sheet at your school for candidates to participate counting each up to 100   students for one training course or professional teaching exam or test course  to engage with one class code at $14.50 per student for 2 semesters’, not per month. 


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