Course Schedule – Registration Cost

A Cambridge English book is your key to activation of your class code. You will need the book to engage the required  class code for the official course content or subscribe.

A subscription to the book without a class code is no longer considered the Teaching or a Teaching for any purpose.

It used to be considered a Teaching before the year of 2008.

Validate what you have learnt …. Engage today.

 The course name is a Cambridge English book and is sold separately from the class code.

  •    4 weeks 1 month   $14.50 USDA
  •    4 weeks 2 months $14.50
  •    4 weeks 3 months $14.50
  •    4 weeks  4 months $14.50 

                 2 Semester 

  • 4 weeks is 5 months $14.50
  • 4 weeks is 6 months $14.50

          Extensions_ $130.00  

  • 4 weeks 
  • 4 weeks 

Follow the link emailed once request is receive 72 hours (all time zones) difference the link for payment , or general information.

The EU agreement went into effect 5 March 2008 and active in 2015 in a 160 Country’s. Introduced in 2017 the new English language proficiency standards to the 160 Country’s English language teaching classroom policy.

 It is your resume or for academic purposes you can request to speak to your school administrator for program credit for which that training certificate can be  downloaded,  directly, from the Learning centers classroom,  gradebook located on the online  platform. You should also download your gradebook and transcript

engage with one class code at $14.50 per student for 2 semesters’, not per month. 


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