Basic English

Course book language Introduction 1947-2015.

Not all sets of course books cover every level of the General English,series only going up to Intermediate{ Because many learners choose to stop learning beyond that level} and many Business English Series having only the three highest levels.

Course name:  American Think Level 1 Online Practice CEFR A1 Cambridge English book required 
 ISBN number 9781107597877
Class code:  
 Class code plus book is required for recognition or acceptance.
 A part of Cambridge University Press for students Official Gradebook.
 At level 1 score card generate, a part of Cambridge Assessment English. All results are verified and final. 
The New English Language Proficiency Standards, examination course content. 
Course content. TOEIC Reading and listening. (225-545)
Skills Modules setting, understanding language. Reading and Listening 1General English 
2Academic English
3Business English 4Cambridge ESOL
7Cambridge BEC
Skills set's 1-7 examination TOEIC (Reading and listening) (225-545). 
A. Online Classroom grade or for schools ELT classroom setting contract for client Administrative Service to conduct the facilities ELT classroom setting. B. The Online  version of the students Cambridge English book examination grade. 
Both grades are placed in the online gradebook active policy to generate better results from schools with a school code or no school code or working qualifications facilitys in Administrative Service working qualifications or credit from the school code. For credit must be registered with the University active facility reorganisation plan setting or active with the no school code or school code facility setting. 

Intermediate Course books
Intermediate and Upper -Intermediate level course books feature a continuing review and expression of previously introduced points, as well as a few new areas, such as reported /indirect speech and relative clauses. The first several units of most intermediate books review all the past , present and future forms, often grouped as follows
Present Simple and Present Continuous
Narrative Tenses: Past Simple, Past Continuous,Past Perfect
The Future:”will”, “be going to’ , Present Continuous, Present Simple
Regarding The Passive Voice , at Pre-Intermediate course books often introduce just one form, either Past Simple Passive or Present Simple Passive . At Intermediate many other forms as covered as well. As we have already looked at the Passive in some detail, we wont look at it again here.

The Structures that are likely to be ‘new’ in intermediate course books include the following grammar points.
Question tags
Indirect questions
Future clauses with ‘if’ and ‘when’
The first conditional
The second conditional
The third conditional
The zero conditional
Relative clauses
Reported/Indirect speech
Intonation plays a key role in expressing and recognising some of the different meanings/uses. Falling intonation suggests that the speaker already believes something is true, i.e. seeking confirmation {double-checking} or seeking agreement. Rising intonation suggests that the speaker really isn’t sure about the answer -it is a genuine query or request { for information or otherwise}.

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