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An online course.

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At beginner level Learning classroom. 
Students share the classroom Teaching materials, chalkboard { text n task} to locate course assignments. 
Students should download all course content in the online classroom and place inside the edition of the Cambridge English book or online product course notebook.
 Instructively students online version of the book is an official Cambridge Exam or test. At this level students’ course work setting general english skill sets.

 The course materials skill sets lesson-lessons exam scale TOEIC { Listening and Reading} test range 120-220 at this level. 
Students course work, lessons Academic English skills setting exam Test TOEIC{ Listening & Reading} test range 120-220.
 Then Business English skill sets students learnt with me in the online lessons Learning lab the online classroom to the Cambridge English book or product joins with a class code are in exam scale range 120-220 TOEIC {Listening and Reading}.
 Students engage with lesson skill sets communication Cambridge ESOL to the level of the Cambridge English book or online product at this level A1 course book,students are still in the same course learning to remote” how to”  from the language they have skilled – skills are tested in exam level TOEIC { Listening & Reading } 120-220 course assignment lessons’. 

 Students’ course materials provide special training for an overall understanding of a language field through development. 
 An online Training course for the online version of the book is an exam in the classroom skills tests EFL {TOEIC Listening & Reading} 120-220. International Testing skills also known as IELTS students are in exam scale classroom language course tested from 120-220 TOEIC{ Listening & Reading}
 At the completion of the course students become more knowledgeable to understand language, fill in gaps, complete task , routine sound for a life skill lesson for remembrance from core drill lessons the skills they have learnt are presented in the next level of the classroom they need to go to get to the next level. 

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