For Teacher’s

  • Kind,refer to the graph.
  • Each course title listed below the graph , exam or test setting Cambridge English exam or tests recognition or acceptance. Your level of course name or product joins with a class code for certification available for download with a passing scored grade, Six Sigma exam or test, examinations’ certificate for Teachers books in the classroom to be considered a teaching.

The New English Language Proficiency Standards, for working qualifications or academic credit towards a degree or for Classroom Teachers with a book policy in the English language teaching classroom,level of a Cambridge English course title book for the level of six sigma in exam scale. Training certificate or transcript will be needed with a complete course training the classroom book required in the English language teaching classroom. Join to get the classrooms books connected with the University. Students share with me the classroom teacher- teaching in an online version of the Cambridge English book or product joins me with a class code for the classroom to conduct for any purpose. The online version of the book is an official Cambridge English exam or test.

  • Course name: Teaching with Empower V2
  • Class title: Teacher Tracie’s class
  • Class Code: For a class code contract with use of email address : 1947@viverada
  • Further instructions will be replied to you within 72 hour’s. If no reply is given this means your email directed held a snag. Try again.

  • Annual planning 2 semesters 1 Cambridge English book or product joins me with a class code for official recognition or acceptance .

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